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used trucks
used trucks
Shattered Worlds server/mod

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:56 pm    Post subject: Shattered Worlds server/mod Reply with quote

All at http://freelancer-swwt.com/Forum/index.php

So I've been hit with a nostalgic longing and ran the single player campaign, then went to the omicrons for some good old missions, fitted a sabre with a killer codename load, decided that the vanilla 150K cap on the mission reward is no fun.
At first it was the moo mod I was looking for, but it's not on the server anymore and then I stumbled upon the shattered worlds mod. 150 mb well worth the download, I must say.
+They run a server with no less than 8 online players at any point I've observed thus far
+They have RP integrated through the mod, the rules and the player base which is actually playing it out rather strictly
+The mod, aside from graphic gimmics and some system-related tweaking, has:
*rebalanced faction/clan integration(member of faction A associated with NPC faction A' will be hostile to the NPC faction B' which is hostile to NPC faction A'. Freelancer F which pisses off a member of faction A will be console-tagged hostile making A' NPC's and bases red)
*rebalanced fighting system: rather than 40 unique fighters each loosely tagged light/medium/heavy fighter, there's 10 unique fighter classes. Each major House/organization has its own line of ships fitting into the 10 classes, parallel fighter from different lines are essentially the same, which makes for good RP.
So rather than the 3-4 fighters we had commonly used here on Moo, there's a variety of ships one can use. I think about 4-6 classes are good for pvp, making for a lot of ships across those 4-6 classes.
Guns and missiles have been remapped as well.
*Functional mining system- it seems that the most money to be made lies in buying a mining ship to collect ore from asteroids, then flying around and selling it.
*Many different freighters, including trains
*NPC tweaks. The bastards will pick up your loot if you're not fast enough

Only been there for a few days myself, but I really like it. So if you're not put away by the 150 mb mod download, please go ahead and give it a try...

SKB out.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Downloading - let's see what this is like.

Might not be able to play it for a few weeks though, busybusybusy
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