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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 8:18 pm    Post subject: News Flash Reply with quote

The following News Flash has been approved for transmission by the Grand Master.

Previously classified "SIRIUS MAXIMUS SECURITUS - Eyes Only - Council of the Lords" documents.

By order of The Grand Master of the Sirius Order of the Council of the Lord Knights

Several month ago it came to the attention of the Grand Master that four nefarious fighter aces of the Order formed an illegal guild, namely, "The Order of the Guild" with the dastardly intent to sell all classified documents of the Knights of the Order to the highest bidder received from criminal, illegal, or pirate clans. Furious that any Knight could betray the Order, an "Assassination Order With Extreme Prejudice" was issued.

Intelligence learned that these four traitors had found a hither to fore unknown "wormhole" in the Colorado system which revealed a "mirror" universe of Sirius. It was their intent to transport these classified documents to this newly found mirror universe and sell the documents to the criminal and pirate elements of said universe along with revealing the location of the Wormhole so these elements could attack our own system.

There was a true ace in the bunch of four,however, that revealed these plans to the Council. The destination and intent of these defectors was immediately sent to the Council of the Lords of the Order. He must however, continue on with plot and not reveal his identity.

With a stroke of brilliance one of our outstanding pilots remembered a rumor he heard in a bar on Planet Denver and immediately launched for a far distant point, however it proved to be several light years away so he was surprised when a single blip appeared on his scope. Flying through a heavy uncharted cloud of space dust our brave pilot took violent evasive action when a single fighter almost hit him head on, firing and releasing a missile salvo at our Knight. The race to the Wormhole was on. The defector must be stopped before he disappears into that massive Worm hole!

(To be continued.)

This reporter is keeping all senses open for the next instalment of this tale and will bring it just as soon as it breaks.
Please Pm me with your comments.
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Joined: 08 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 9:53 am    Post subject: The Traitor Caught Reply with quote

As told by Lord Knight Silverado:

When ordered to jettison all classified documents, a burst of speed seals the execution of the highly decorated and feared Lord Knight Whirlwind. He is damn good and he knows the area. This cloud may not break up in time to stop him.

Another surge of speed. Step on it! Hit critical combat thruster, NOW! Sensors indicate he is doing a dangerous zig-zag, sub light speed evasive maneuver. His fatal mistake!

Dang this cloud. Can't lock on. Steady, steady. In the clear! Got him now. What?! Where did that come from? An uncharted Jump Hole? NO! Too erratic. Too big. Bright. Dim. No it can't be. Yes, a massive Worm Hole and Whirlwind is heading straight for it. He's crazy!

The new thought control weapon. Think. Launched. Get him, get him, get him. Nothing! He got away! No, sensors are picking up debris cloud at the Worm Hole entrance. Confirm, confirm, confirrrrm! Data banks silent. Nothing. Wait, data lights, intense activity on the HUD. Confirm, reading, reading, YES, GOT HIM! Just inside the Worm Hole. Debris everywhere.

Got to get out of here. Whirlwind's exploding ship destabilized the hole. Wait, what's that on the scope? Got to get it, turn around, hurry, hurry, hurry. Worm Hole fluctuating violently. Closer, closer, closer. Steady - got it! The Worm Hole, collapsing. Come on baby, get me out of herrrre. Out! Whew that was close.

I transferred the silver box to the intelligence ship {OLN} Ox Bow which arrived on scene shortly after receiving my "Lord Knight in Distress-Any Ship Respond" message.

Preliminary analysis by Ox-Bow of data & documents proves that the existence of the "Order of the Guild" was, in fact, not a rumor. Ominous prelim data indicates total destruction of all remaining Order of the Guild members must be carried out under TOP SIRIUS PRIORITUS orders immediately.

Ox Bow must get this information to the Council of the Lords. Oh, no! The Worm Hole. Re-appearing. 30 missile blips on radar, heading straight for Ox Box! Warp out, warp out! Too late, the Ox Box is dust. The data, did they get it transmitted to the Council in time? May the gods of Sirius be with us if not.

I have to get back, at least my report will help if i make it. They see me. Got to make it to that thick space cloud. Go, Baby, Go!

"Incoming missile." "Incoming missile." "Incoming missile."

More on this story as it breaks
Please Pm me with your comments.
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