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used trucks
The Great Race

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:58 pm    Post subject: The Great Race Reply with quote

I have just received a message from the Outcast leader challenging all pilots in the Moo sector to a Great Race.

This is a quote from the message (Please excuse the poor spelling of the Outcasts)

“Da Outkastz invite Newon ho wonts to rase wiv uz to cume to r solariz steyshon in omeyga 11 at 7 oclok. We wil b givin pziyze muny to der Ppul ew win and to ova Ppul if defy win azwel.”

Hunters have agreed to forget there quarrels for this event, but will not comment on there intentions for after the race.

After a few Hours of translating the Outcast Message I have finally worked out the race details.

Start in Omega-11 at Solarius Station (Docked until the start command is given)


Omicron Gamma - with a mandatory docking at Planet Crete

Omicron Theta

Omicron Alpha

Omicron Beta

Sigma 19 - with a mandatory docking at the Luxury Liner Hawaii

Sigma 17

Sigma 13


Planet New Tokyo - Dock to Win.

The Rules:

1. Any ship type is allowed
2. Shooting other competitors is not allowed
3. Laying minefield allowed though, as is trade lane disruption
4. Due to heavy radiation in at least one system - B&B usage is allowed and encouraged
5. Docking along the way is allowed - but note the Mandatory docking places are checkpoints
6. Prizes - 10 mill first - 5 mill second - 3 million third - 1 mill fourth
extras may be awarded by judges if they are amused in some way - e.g. someone flies the race in a patriot or Starflier
7. Any cheat can be taxed by EVERYONE present -
once the judges give the go ahead for it.

The turnout for this event is suspected to be high, as every clan wants to prove that they are the best.

I will report back the Outcome of the race at a later date.
Please Pm me with your comments.
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