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used trucks
used trucks
Server configuration

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:34 am    Post subject: Server configuration Reply with quote

Ok, guys.. For starters..

I've donated some, so the server stays up a little longer, and.. i've changed the server a bit.

Server is up till, end of november, begin december.. (I can't say anything, maybe that bliggy might post till when... but for now)...

As i sayed, i have changed the server configuration (With the help of bliggy)... tough its still running NQ (updated) 1.2.0.

Ok, here are some configuration of the server:

  • I got a new redirect (thanks to Wynand) http://52.wynand.be/et If you got something that isn't on that server, please contact me...
  • Omni-Bot is now supported... there are bots playing on the server now (so, no excuses "there isn't any1 online to play with")
    (there are 20 bots MAX, meaning 5 bots on each team ~ unless players are joining...).
  • 4 Commands added for the bots, LVL 3 and up can: kick and add bots (!addbot <class><team><name> (Don't use spaces in name!), !kickbot <name>, !kickallbots and !resetbots)
  • Always wanted to know when an openent killed you has used adrenaline, now you can see trough their eyes! they become red Smile.
  • Also, regarding Adrenaline, players are now starting with NO adrenaline, but can get them by ammo packs, limited to 1 adrenaline needle per player.
  • You can shoot "misiles(panzer)" out of the air! 3 hp, 1 hit and its "boom!"
  • Also, can't tell the missiles speed yet, need to figure that out a bit Edit: The missiles are FAST.. w00t! but, still explodable.
  • Metal surfaces reflect bullets
  • JP insanity: Venom Mode (limited 1 per player per team), Unlocked weapons (Don't know that one yet), Mortar and Rocket cam on (see where you hit Wink)
  • Regarding /kill command, You can't /kill when poisend, or in a fight (waiting time is 2,5 seconds).
  • You can use "shortcuts" on the server. (like [h] for health i think.. well, find out on your own i say).
  • Assasins Backstab carries over, and the flackJacket once you get them. (no adrenaline).
  • Once you say a cencored word, you get muted for 2 minutes, you lose 10 XP points and you get killed (not gibbed) (SO DON'T DO IT!).
  • Double Jump is DISABLED.
  • Playdead is possible
  • Medics can't pick their own medpics if poisend <use syringe to heal a poisend teammate> (Don't work with medpacks, it will only heal them, but not cure them), and can use the syringe to revive teammates with less than 25% health.
  • Maxpanzer per team 1, Max venom per team is 1 and max landmines is 25.
  • XP IS saved, tough, if disconnected from the server, you lose about 0.004 xp per second (wich is 0.24 per minute (each skill) wich is 1.68 in total PER MINUTE wich is 100.8 XP per hour.) XP doesn't decay when you got 140 XP.
  • XP is saved for a month and the max XP is 25000. Bots XP won't be saved.
  • Getting skills is just the "normal" xp: At 20, 50, 90, 140, 200, 270, 350, 440 and 540
  • Wanna know where players come from? Use your tab key, and look at the country flag Wink
  • Sounds, sounds and sounds! also, the old "[Moo] Zombie look is back" and, watch where you step, or you get laughed at! Wink.

The maps are:

  • oasis
  • cortex
  • goldrush
  • am_hydro_dam
  • railgun
  • 1944_beach
  • baserace
  • caen2
  • map glider
  • cortex
  • doverbridge_final
  • mlb_beach
  • mlb_carnage
  • mlb_d_day
  • mlb_daybreak
  • mlb_egypt
  • mlb_hotchkiss
  • mlb_temple
  • v2base
  • radar_summer
  • saberpeak_final
  • steelplant2
  • SuperGoldrush_Final
  • transmitter
  • v2_factory
  • venice
  • Warbell
  • xposed

Please note: Some configs (and the map rotation) was already like this. (by wynand).

The redirect once again: http://etserv.competentieplus.nl/maps/ (Don't worry, you can join the server... and if you have to download, you download trough the server).
If something is missing, please contact me, so i can upload the map or skin or mod... (or w/e Razz).

If you got any question, sugestions or whatever...

Post it here or PM me Smile.

Edit: Omni-Bots up to a max of 10 (5 each team).

Edit2: On some way, the commands of the bots don't work anymore... (trying to figure that out, when i got "time"). so, the commands for the admins don't work. Also, trough Rcon the bot commands don't work strangely.

Edit3: Remember, use your SYRINGE (the needle you 'revive' ppl with) to CURE the poisend teammates, you can't cure your teammates with medpacks, it will only heal them, but not cure.
Also, you can use the poisen needle when some1 is killed, to gib them!

Edit4: Update on Bots, they are wokring again (so are the commands).

Edit5: Bots are now named ^7[^dMoo^7]^1name^7[Moo]name )

Edit6: You want to train? the bots difficulty is now UBER!
FieldOfView = 105.0,
ReactionTime = 0.0,
MemorySpan = 5.0,
AimPersistance = 5.0,
MaxTurnSpeed = 720.0,
AimStiffness = 75.0,
AimDamping = 10.0,
AimErrorX = 0,
AimErrorY = 0,
AimOffsetX = 0,
AimOffsetY = 0,
AimOffsetZ = 0,
Just posted it, some might understand what here stands Razz.

Edit7: New Redirect and changed the bot difficulty to "2".
XP Decay is changed to 100 (decreased, before it was 500) XP per HOUR and XPDecayFloor is increased to 140.
Also, Missile/panzer speed has made a bit faster. See for your self hehe.
As the speed is that fast, i'm thinking about gravity for the missile. <Post your thoughts.>

Edit8: Map mp_v2base Removed, i think thats why the server keeps kicking every1. Well, keep me informed peepz.

Edit9: There was an error with downloading, Its fixed now.

Edit10: Once again, a new redirect.

Edit11: There are now "more" voice commands. <Just ripped a PK3 lol>
Watch where you step, or you get laughed at <check yourself if you wanna know what i mean>
And as last but not least: The old (axis) zombie look is back Smile.

Edit12:The bots work on all maps except Hotchkiss and Hydro_dam
the bots will be now balancing teams, and their XP wont't be saved.

NoQuarter Mod updated (From 1.2.0 -> 1.2.3)
also, cause of the NQ update, the Omni-Bot (mod) is updated aswel.

Changelog for the NQ mod:

1.2.3 No Quarter - REACTIVATED

    * Removed stun realism (4) from g_realism cvar
    * Added g_realism 4 - Drop weapons if poisoned
    * Fixed g_inactivity and g_spectatorInactivity - no mare AFK players except if the  shrubbot flag "0" -Player cannot be automatically kicked or put spec due to inactivity- overwrite it via adminlevel
    * jp_insanity 512 - added fun mode which displays attacker's HP on every kill with headshot weapon
    * Added a new skill: Battle Sense 9 - Battlefield Briefing (arty awareness) skill. Similar to grenade awareness.
    * Fixed XP overflow bug (negative Xp values in HUD)
    * Added omnibot 0.71 support
    ** Bots receive chat events now
    * Reworked shuffle (more info here: http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5880)
    * Fixed "Lag bug" when pmove_fixed = 1
    * Display the reason and expiration to banned players when they try to connect
    * Prevent "empty player name" bans when editing the name in the game options menu
    * Added missing team_panzerRestriction cvar.
    * Fixed the basic code. Cleared & tons of old bot code and unused vars removed
    * Added first headshot message similar to first blood
    * Send private pessage sound as new event type
    * Shotgun usage improvments
    * Do not allow to kick with Bazooka/Panzerfaust (mainly because of retarded animation)
    * Fix for g_trueping 1 - antiwarp disabled if gamestate is intermission
    * Fixed poison time when a !poison admin command is used
    * Added new shrub flag "?" to control the adminlevels allowed to call a vote
    * Added extra g_adrenaline flags to control who is allowed to use adrenaline (cvars are: SOLDIER 128, MEDIC 256, ENGINEER 512, FIELDOPS 1024, COVERTOPS 2048)   
    * Improved NQ and UI ingame menu
    * Added ingame tweak menu
    ** Added vote variables to the config files and extended the ingame vote menu
    ** popupfilter option
    * Added hidden sounds to chat menu
    * Location files added and set to view on client as default for new players (NQ regulars have to set this) - thx antman!
    * Added mapfixes/missing textures/missing md3 files for different maps
    * Fixed the voice tone of the announcers/general sound update
    * Added/Fixed countless visual updates
    ** Only one assets pk3 is needed
    ** The non working/not used body and face textures are now available
    ** Team based colored stuff
    ** NQ's iron cross model instead of wolfy logo on the textures
    ** Mirrored truck glass etc.
    ** NOTE: If you use costum skin/sound pack or ui menu you may need rework your pack!
    ** Assets cleaned from unused files
    * Added the latest bug/cheat fixes to the 6 official maps, more map fixes added to fun pack. For more info see the readme.txt in the maps directory of pk3 file.
    * 4 missed cvar (g_teamDamageRestriction, g_minHits, g_autoTempBan, g_autoTempBanTime) added to the config list
    * Removed cvar g_shotgunPellets
    * Removed colored smoke features and cvars g_smokeColor_Allies, g_smokeMod_Allies, g_smokeColor_Axis, g_smokeMod_Axis
    * Reordered cg_skillViewOptions, added new flag to control visual effect for new Battlefield Briefing skill
    * Fixed !nade overflow bug (thanks to patheticcockroach for the patch)
    * Fixed crash bug with !showbans shrubbot command
    * Fixed missile cam rendering with exploding barrels
    * Fixed an issue with /give disguise
    * Sweep for landmines CPU improvement fix
    * Fixed aura skill - the teamwork will be rewarded
    * Popup message icons fixed

Please NOTE: If you are adding bots, fine with me... but when you leave please, remove the bots wich you added (or, a other) untill there are about 10 bots on the server!

Note2: If your trying to join the server, and get an error with... "Hunk_allocate" (or something in that manner)...

say in console /com_hunkmegs 128 and restart ET.

Last edited by froster on Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:14 pm; edited 25 times in total
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Joined: 31 Dec 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Topic cleaned.

Update. Server is online till about the end of january.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:40 pm    Post subject: :/ Reply with quote

Okay, i will maybe start playing ET again, if i'll get some of my friends try it too..
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Joined: 12 Jun 2007
Posts: 104
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:51 pm    Post subject: et server Reply with quote

Is the ET server up anymore? Sometimes it will just connect and connect, and sometimes the loading bar comes full, but nothing else happens, it wont go any further???

Any ideas?
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Joined: 31 Dec 2005
Posts: 3109
Location: Hiding...

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Server is updated,

Also.. it seems that somethimes ppl start to joining it.

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